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Looking to perfect your pitch?

If you’re looking to perfect your pitch, here’s how by Simon White of Altitude Partners!

1. What was your motivation to start your business?
2. Talk about your strengths and weaknesses very honestly!
3. Keep your CV simple and relevant!

1. How did you get there?
2. What does the business do?
3. Make no assumptions!
4. Clarity is everything!
5. Don’t oversell!
6. Be honest about everything!

1. Research!
2. Why will they buy?
3. Who?
4. How to get to the client?
5. Competition?
6. Sales?

How Much?
1. Be realistic about your valuation!
2. What will you spend the money on?
3. Be realistic!

1. Run the use of your funds very tight!
2. Forecast for a minimum of three years!
3. Seek help on forecasts!
4. Avoid fundraising!
5. Be careful with salaries!
6. Be realistic!
7. Be clear and concise!

1. Individual, Group or Institution?
2. Research!
3. Choose with care!

1. What’s in it for them!
2. Clear business summary!
3. Show you have an awareness!

1. Honesty!
2. Simplicity!
3. Energy and Passion!
4. Stick to the pitch!
5. Show your value!
6. Appearance!
7. Leave additional materials!

For more information about Altitude Partners visit

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