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xim’s Lifelight™ Attracts Investment


We are delighted to announce that current Catalyst Centre tenant xim has secured funding with the assistance of the Wessex Academic Health Science Network (WAHSN) to help bring its Lifelight™ product to market sooner. This builds on a grant recently awarded to xim by Innovate UK.

Andy Burroughs, Director of Wealth and Enterprise at WAHSN, said: “This funding will help accelerate technical and commercial developments to enable xim to be market ready sooner and help them raise future finance to allow for further growth. We wish xim every success with this project, and look forward to hearing the progress with great interest.”

xim CEO Laurence Pearce added: “It is incredibly exciting to see our innovative ideas attracting the attention of others because it underlines their potential as real game-changers. This important funding boost means that we can look to expand the team, develop marketing materials and work on building a user base for our product – and we can’t wait!”

xim’s solutions build on the team’s heritage in game development and eHealth to create low cost, discreet ways of monitoring and improving someone’s wellbeing through computer vision and machine learning. Lifelight™ is a discreet early warning system for potential critical health events like a heart attack. It works by enabling clinicians to detect deterioration in a user’s vital signs and prompt pre-emptive interventions.

The technology aims to help people to remain at home, out of residential care homes and hospitals, thereby reducing costs and risks for health providers. At the same time, it provides relatives peace of mind as indications are provided to a GP or out-of-hours health service in real time.

Everyone in the Catalyst team applauds xim’s success and we wish them luck in taking the business to the next level sooner than anticipated.

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